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What comes with your Lunch?

To receive the Meal Price, you must select at least 3 of the 5 Food Components.

Farm to Tray IMage

Take a Trip to The Farm Stand!

The Farm Stand comes with each meal offered and includes vegetables from 5 specific sub groups each week (Dark Green, Red/Orange, Beans/Peas, Starchy, Other).

Everyone is encouraged to take all the items that make up a balanced meal.

Allergy-Safe Menus

Supply chain disruptions may occur and products may become temporarily unavailable.  Food Service will substitute an alternate allergen-safe option.  As an allergy-aware kitchen, no meal is knowingly prepared on our equipment with any food that includes peanut/tree nut in the manufacturer’s list of ingredients.  It is important to note, pre-packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or snacks may contain peanut/tree nut, contingent on school districts preferences.  Students with food allergies, other than tree nuts and peanut, are encouraged to pre-order a meal.  For students with multiple food allergies, a unique menu will be developed to meet the specific dietary needs of your student.  Please use the link below to place your request.
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